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Birthday Books

In an effort to keep new books coming in to the classrooms throughout the year, we invite you to participate in our “Birthday Book’ program. In the month of your child’s birthday we are asking you to consider the idea of ‘giving a gift’ of a book to your child’s classroom. Parents may purchase their child’s favorite book OR choose a book from our Wish List of books, as selected by our classroom teachers and librarian, through Amazon. Please note that when possible we prefer paperbacks for the sake of shelf space.

All books that are donated will have a nameplate with your child’s name and will remain in the classroom for the first several weeks before heading to the CDS library to be made available to all children in the school. If your child has already had a birthday you may send in a book at any time letting the teachers know that it is intended to be a Birthday Book donation and we will see that the appropriate name plate is placed in the book.

How to Donate

Simply visit our CDS Amazon Wish List in advance of your child's birthday and select a title from the list of choices our teachers and librarian desire to add to our collection. If you would like to retroactively donate a book in honor of a birthday that has already occurred, you may also have the title sent as a gift to CDS directly by selecting your shipping address to be (CDS Library, 6418 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101). Please be sure to make a note of your child's name in the Gift Message area.

Birthday Book Wish List

You may also choose to contribute a favorite title of your choosing to your child's classroom.

Please contact Jennie Hashemi with any questions.