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Lunch with Pals is available to children enrolled in the part-day 3s and 4s programs. This program is offered Monday through Friday, from 11:30 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch with Pals is ideal for children who will enjoy eating a lunch that is brought from home while socializing with peers and CDS teachers. Children will play outside as well.

Lunch with Pals classes will remain outside, weather permitting. Lunch with Pals’ classes are grouped by age and preschool class, based on space availability. We cannot guarantee your child will be with friends who attend other preschool classes. Only children who are reliably potty-trained may participate in this program. “Reliably potty-trained” means a child uses the bathroom consistently without accidents.

Lunches brought to school must be free of nuts, nut products and products packaged in facilities that may be exposed to nut contamination. For more information, please contact Jennie Hashemi. *This program is dependent on enrollment*