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Parent Child Curriculum

The following topics are scheduled to slated be discussed during the parent seminar portion of each class. The goals for the Parent Child program are to provide a safe, gentle transition for children into a school environment and routine, begin to engage with teachers and peers, for parents to discuss parenting issues and child development, and to allow parents the opportunity to practice the play and language techniques discussed with Dr. Rene in seminars.

Sept. 9

Orientation and Floortime

Sept. 16

Language Development and Scaffolding

Sept. 23

Emotional Development and Teaching Emotion Language

Sept. 30

Social Development and Teaching Social Skills

Oct. 7

Motor Development and Outdoor Play

Oct. 14

Importance of Play and Learning Through Play

Oct. 21

Potty Training

Oct. 28

Birth Order and Sibling Relationships

Nov. 4

Physical Aggression and Social Aggression

Nov. 11

Boys v Girls

Nov. 18

Competition and Tattling and Honesty

Nov. 25

Fall Break- no class

Dec. 2

Toys and Playspace

Dec. 9

Self Esteem

Dec. 16

Responsibility, Respect and Manners

Dec. 19 – Jan. 4

Winter Break- no class

Jan. 6

Discipline 1 Role of Emotions, I messages and Empathy

Jan. 13

Discipline 2 Positive Intent and Proactive

Jan. 20

Discipline 3 Choices and Proactive

Jan. 27

Discipline 4 Natural and Logical Consequences

Feb. 3

Discipline 5 Setting Boundaries and Power Struggles

Feb. 10

Discipline 6 Tantrums and Whining

Feb. 17

Discipline 7 Negotiation, Rewards and Power Assertive

Feb. 24

Discipline 8 Time-Out and 1-2-3 Magic

Mar. 3

Conference Day- no class

Mar. 10

Bedtime Routines and Sleep Issues

Mar. 17

Mealtimes and Picky Eaters

Mar. 20 – 28

Spring Break- no class

Apr. 7

Teaching Money, Chores and Allowance

Apr. 14

Good Friday- no class

Apr. 21

Stress and Overscheduling

Apr. 28

Temperament and Attachment

May 5

TV and Technology

May 12

Parent Involvement, Academic Motivation and Reading Aloud

May 19

Early Reading and Writing

May 26

Early Math and Science

June 2

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences; Carpool

June 9

Teaching Personal Safety; Party + Carpool