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Classroom Enrichments

The following classroom enrichments are offered on a weekly basis and are taught by specialists at Country Day during the school day.


The library curriculum at CDS is designed to promote a love of reading as well as an introduction to book sense and library skills. Enrichment classes with the CDS Librarian take place on a weekly basis. Library time encourages children to become active participants in storytelling, encourages listening skills and gives children opportunities to engage with a variety of books and stories through the use of props, songs and finger plays. Certain themes throughout the year will inspire activities across the age groups, such as celebrating Dr. Seuss, seasonal changes and holidays, exploration of particular regions, or an author or illustrator of the month.

Musical Movement

The development of a positive self-image and the enjoyment of music and physical activities are important aspects of the CDS curriculum. In the musical movement program at CDS, children explore music and movement through games, songs, skits, activities, and the use of different musical instruments. Children discover how listening to different kinds of music inspires the way we move and even the art we produce.

Music and movement stimulate the brain and help develop math skills, physical coordination and body awareness, promote the ability to differentiate sounds, develop fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and decision making, self-regulation skills, and help teach the relationship between cause and effect.


Throughout the school year CDS children use their five senses to explore scientific themes and ideas. Every science lesson incorporates hands-on activities to teach concepts related to each child’s interests and experiences. Studies of life science, environmental science, and physical science are included.

Country Day School is very fortunate to have over three beautiful acres of grounds on which to learn about science. Areas such as the nine playgrounds, nature trail, and butterfly garden are perfect spots for everyday scientific exploration and discovery.

The science program at CDS focuses on these school-wide units with different age-appropriate activities at each level from the twos through kindergarten. The units include color and light, measurement and mapping, neighborhood habitats, properties of matter and movement and machines. This curriculum is taught in the classroom daily and in the science room with the science enrichment teacher once a week.


The Country Day School’s Art Curriculum encourages process focused art experiences, concentrating on the experience and exploration of techniques, tools and materials. The curriculum supports uncovering possibilities at our own pace to imagine, create, negotiate socially and explore materials, thoughts, big ideas and problems as individuals and as members of a group. The art studio explores the hundred languages of children by facilitating long and short term projects. This curriculum is taught in the classroom daily in the Art Studio with the art teacher once a week.


Spanish is an active exploration of the Spanish language and culture. Conversational vocabulary is introduced through age-appropriate games, songs, and art experiences. The children learn basic Spanish words and phrases through hands-on science, social studies and art projects.