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Thoughts on of the PM programs

Over the years we have heard parents' concerns about enrolling in an afternoon programs. Below you'll find some surprising upsides to the PM class schedule from a CDS parent's perspective.

Read on for more quotes from past parents regarding their switch to afternoons.

From a Parent’s Perspective

As CDS parents who exclusively preferred morning classes for our preschoolers in years past, we were surprised to find that we loved the afternoon schedule once we tried it. Here are some reasons:

CDS afternoon classes take the STRESS out of mornings! Whether you have older children that need to catch a bus, a baby at home that needs your attention, or just one preschool aged child, the mornings can be stressful when you are trying to make a timely departure from home for your carpool window. The afternoon classes allow for a more relaxed morning – no traffic to and from school, no difficulty getting your older and younger children out the door, no rushed breakfast, etc.

A later start to the day allows your preschooler to “sleep in,” which means a happier and more well-rested child. The later start can also provide more flexibility on bedtime, so the children can stay up later and see and spend time with both parents in the evening.

Relaxed mornings allow more time for your preschooler to take an active role in their self-care routine, such as learning to put their on their own clothes, brushing teeth and hair, and finding their coats and shoes.

CDS afternoon classes allow parents or caregivers to make the most of their time at home. With all children situated in the afternoon, there is more time to get other work done, particularly if you have a younger child who takes an afternoon nap.

CDS afternoon classes open up new opportunities to participate in morning activities. Our experience has been that activities such as ballet, swimming, gymnastics, etc. are easier to schedule and have more openings in the morning.

CDS morning classes end just before or shortly after lunch time. This leaves parents or caregivers with a long portion of the day to fill with meals, activities, etc. and we were all exhausted by day’s end. With the afternoon program, the day is broken up into two shorter and easier play and rest periods at home in the morning and in the late afternoon.

Additional Thoughts on the Afternoon Program:

Most years, CDS afternoon classes have lower enrollment than the morning classes, thus the teacher/child ratio is lower and there is more opportunity for individual attention from the teacher to your child.

●Your child will not start at CDS for quite some time. Even though your child may be a hardy napper now, that does not predict what your child’s sleep routines will be months from now.

●Historically, and ironically, CDS parents that were apprehensive about accepting the afternoon program and did were reluctant to switch to the morning program the following year.

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