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Class Programs

2020-2021 Programs

Parent/Child Program

The Parent/Child program is for children born between March 30, 2018 and March 30, 2019 (18-30 months as of 9/30/20) and their parents. The program meets one day a week on Friday for 90 minutes and both parent or caregiver and child attend together. During the first 30 minutes of each class the adults have the opportunity to participate with their child in the classroom, using the Floortime model. In the next hour, parents and the CDS Director of Parent Education, Dr. Rene Hackney, discuss parenting strategies, educational theories, and research on developmental issues while classroom teachers lead the children in activities. *Children who are 24-30 months by September 30, 2020 can enroll in the Parent/Child program OR the Twos program.

Twos Program

The Twos program, for children who are two before September 30, 2020, meets two mornings (Tuesday and Thursday) or three mornings (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) a week for 3 hours a day. The children are introduced to the concept of “school”, a safe and nurturing place to learn and play with other children. Through exploration, play, music, and use of the many Country Day playgrounds the children participate in numerous activities that help develop their social skills and help them become comfortable in a group setting. View the Twos curriculum here.

"Both teachers have nurtured, challenged and encouraged [my daughter] in all aspects of her development. I have the utmost confidence that every day at school brings delightful experiences, both familiar and new, that build upon a wonderful educational experience." -CDS parent

Threes Program

The Threes program, for children who are three before September 30, 2020, meets four (Monday-Thursday) or five (Monday-Friday) part days a week, in the morning or afternoon, for 3 hours a day, or the full day program which runs for 7 hours each day of the week (Monday-Friday). Children in the full day program may lengthen their day up until 6:00pm with our extended day program. In this program language and literature play a major role as the children participate in a wide range of activities to increase their language competency. The children also enjoy many science and math explorations both inside and outside of the classroom and continue to master social skills as they participate in dramatic and cooperative play. In addition to the classroom activities the children participate in the music/movement, science, library and Spanish enrichments. View the Threes curriculum here.

Fours Program

This program is for children who turn four before September 30, 2020. We offer a part day program which meets for 3 hours per morning or afternoon each day of the week (Monday-Friday), or the full day program which runs for 7 hours each day of the week (Monday-Friday). Children in the full day program may also participate in our extended day program which lengthens the day up until 6:00pm. During this exciting year, the children in all options expand their language and pre-literacy skills, develop increasingly complex problem solving and critical thinking skills, and learn to make predictions and test ideas. At this age level the children also begin to work more independently and manage their own projects, taking advantage of all classroom activities in addition to enrichment classes. View the Fours curriculum here.


The Kindergarten program is for those children who are five by September 30, 2020 and whose families wish for them to have the advantage of a lower child to teacher ratio than many other schools. The curriculum includes instruction in language arts and reading, mathematics, social studies, science, art, physical education and music. In both small groups and individually the children develop problem solving abilities, increase their ability to think analytically and learn time management skills. Kindergarten is a full day program which meets seven hours each day of the week (Monday-Friday). A kindergartner's day may be lengthened up until 6:00pm with our extended day program. View the Kindergarten curriculum here.