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News & Events

Your source to stay involved and informed with topical early childhood education research, what's going on in the classrooms and on the grounds, and upcoming events and projects.

Save the Date: Never miss a moment

Holiday Mitten Tree

Help those in need this season by donating mittens and gloves- drop off or walk up to add your donation to the holiday tree decorations with your child. Thank you!

Announcing our new Afternoon 2s Program

CDS is pleased to announce a new afternoon Twos program for 2018-19. Continue reading for details about this exciting addition to our offerings.

The Formative Years of Early Childhood: The research and best practices that drive our program

A Researcher's Perspective on the Value of Play

Dr Alison Gopnik, a leader in the study of how children learn, discussed with NAEYC her findings about how young children learn best. Read her take on the value of play and developing social and emotional skills in the full article.

The View From Country Day: Glimpses into the classroom

Art is Essential to Mrs. Reich

Explore how one of our Fours teachers uses art to meet cross-curricular goals.  A hallmark of learning through play is that it looks so seamless while so much purposeful planning goes into each activity and classroom design. 

See, Think, and Wonder in the STEAM Lab

See how Ms. Lauren integrates the "See, Think, and Wonder" routine into her STEAM enrichment classes.  This routine for exploring works of art and other interesting things was put forth by Harvard's Project Zero initiative.