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Abstract Art Inspired by Mavis Pusey
During the month of February, the art room is exploring shapes. All age levels have cut out rectangular strips to create collapsible 3-dimensional lanterns and circles to create 2-dimensional lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year. For their Valentine, with the support of Ms. Tracie, they are creating heart-shaped cards inspired by abstract artist Mavis Pusey. To strengthen their fine motor skills, students cut out more shapes and peeled stickers to add on to their heart-shaped masterpieces. 

Shadow Exploration in the Magnolia class
We find shadows all around us and they’re often overlooked by adults as a teaching opportunity. Shadow play is science. The Fours Magnolias used flashlights, a projector, and their own bodies to explore different shadows in the classroom. Observing shadows builds an understanding of shapes, spatial awareness, as well as cause and effect. 

Snowflakes and DIY Salt Crystals
The recent snowfall in January peeked CDS students' interest in snowflakes. Classes discussed how snow crystals are formed and their unique structure. To make this a hands-on learning experience, they experimented with creating two types of salt crystals, one with Epsom salt and the other with sea salt and then observed and compared them using microscopes.

Maple Tree Tapping
What a special thing it is to have maple trees readily available on school grounds! Last week Mrs. Keefe, our Threes and STEAM teacher, enlisted Facilities Manager, Mr. Kennedy, to drill a tap into the maple trees to collect sap. Some of our Twos and Threes students looked on, mesmerized that the maple syrup they use to lather their pancakes and waffles comes from a tree, like the one they walk by every morning. Some adventurous students tasted the sap, and we heard it was very sweet! The Sparrows class tracked the weather each day to determine the right time to collect the sap.