The Country Day School is dedicated to the education of young children in a warm and safe environment where they are encouraged to explore, discover, ask questions, and develop a love of learning. The school believes that this is best accomplished when faculty, administration, and parents work closely together in a partnership throughout a child’s tenure at the school.


The philosophy of The Country Day School is to provide the highest quality in early childhood education. The program’s focus is on developing children’s pleasure and excitement for learning through a play-based program, increasing their ability to problem solve, and fostering an awareness and enjoyment of their individual capabilities. The school also concentrates on helping each child develop a positive self-concept, respect and empathy for others, and the ability to become a constructive and contributing member of a group.

The foundation of the educational program at The Country Day School is an early childhood developmentally-based curriculum that encourages the growth of children’s thought processes, the development of their conceptual understanding, and their ability to observe, analyze, predict, and make conclusions about the world. The program also strives to kindle in the children an appreciation for the beauty of our natural surroundings as well as an understanding of their responsibility to conserve and nurture their world. Outdoor learning activities are an important part of the curriculum and are integrated into most units of study. 

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Respect for diversity in its many forms is another important component of the program. The Country Day School helps children develop an appreciation of the diversity within the school community and the world at large. In addition to cultivating this respect and understanding, there is a strong emphasis on developing in children an appreciation of the variety of learning styles and abilities. To support this mission, there is an emphasis on providing a wide range of activities in the classroom and encouraging children to initiate exploration of topics of interest to them. Within the entire curriculum is the encouragement of interactive learning and the development of positive relationships with adults and peers.

The Country Day School is also committed to a strong parent-school partnership based on the belief that children learn best when parents are active partners with the school. Parents are encouraged to participate in the many opportunities offered at the school and become part of a vibrant and supportive community.

The Country Day School is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin in the administration of its programs, policies, and procedures.