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After Class Enrichments (ACE)

Each afternoon we will offer two ACE options to choose from. This program is ideal for children who will benefit from a combination of structured, teacher-led projects and additional play time. The ACE class can stand alone or your child can first attend our Lunch Bunch program and then attend one afternoon activity of interest. Children may enroll for the entire semester or on a drop in basis.

Enroll Regularly

Attend ACE on a Regular Basis

Parents can sign their children up for one to five days of ACE and will receive a contract that states the days of choice per semester. You have the option to pair ACE with Lunch Bunch which immediately precedes ACE programs. If you are interested in securing a permanent space in the program please contact Laura Day for availability and details.

  • Parents may choose one or more days per week for a part-day student to attend ACE (ex. every Monday-Thursday, every Tuesday and Wednesday, etc.)
  • The first session of ACE begins the week of September 18, 2017 and ends February 2, 2018. The second session of ACE begins in early February, about which more information will be released closer to the enrollment date.
  • ACE programs are from 1:00-2:00pm daily. Children who opt to pair ACE with Lunch Bunch transition from the AM class into Lunch Bunch, and then on to their ACE program. Children not participating in Lunch Bunch arrive in a 12:50-1:00pm carpool. Children depart ACE through a carpool from 2:00-2:10pm.
  • Children who opt to pair ACE with Lunch Bunch bring a lunch from home that does not require refrigeration and contains no nut products.

Rates per Semester

ACE ProgramPrice
Monday classes$375
Tuesday classes$445
Wednesday classes$420
Thursday classes$420
Friday classes$420
Drop In/day ACE only$30
Drop In/day ACE plus Lunch Bunch$50

Drop In

Do Drop In Program

Do you have an upcoming meeting to prepare for? Are your in-laws coming into town? Would you like to volunteer at your older child's school or attend an exercise class? This one or two hour program will be available each afternoon on an as-needed basis. Children will join existing ACE or Lunch Bunch plus ACE as detailed below. Space is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are several options for part day students to drop in to ACE.

  • Students may drop in to ACE only on any given day of the week. Price per day: $30
    • Children in AM classes who are regularly enrolled in Lunch Bunch will transition from their morning class to Lunch Bunch then into their ACE program.
    • Children arriving for ACE only arrive during a 12:50-1:00pm carpool.
    • All ACE students depart during a 2:00-2:10pm carpool.
  • Students not regularly enrolled in Lunch Bunch may drop in to Lunch Bunch followed by an ACE class on any given day of the week. Price per day: $50
    • Children bring a lunch from home that does not require refrigeration and contains no nut products.
    • Children transition from their morning class to the Lunch Bunch program, immediately followed by their ACE program.
    • Departure carpool is from 2:00-2:10pm.

Registration for drop in dates becomes available on a monthly basis approximately 2 weeks before the 1st of the coming month. Due to the nature of the drop in program, we cannot guarantee that a child will be placed in a particular class or with a particular friend.

“[My daughter] LOVES Do Drop In.... It is unbeatable in terms of the quality time she spends there and I can't even start to tell you what a difference it makes for parents. It is such a peace of mind to know she is at CDS." -Current CDS Parent

Fall Options

Fall Daily ACE Options

Day of Week:

Activity Options:


Healthy Baking

Young Builders


Science Experiments

Cuisine and Culture Around the World


Games of All Kinds

Art Exploration


Into the Woods


FridayStory StretchersCooperative Play

Monday Options

Healthy Baking

This program is a perfect fit for children who often ask if they can help bake at home and love to combine, experiment with and taste different ingredients. The class will create healthy and fun cooking projects to enjoy together as they learn about nutrition and how to use tools that are readily available in any kitchen.


Young Builders

Does your young architect like to build with Legos and other fun building materials? Would they love an extended period devoted to creating masterpieces with novel materials? This weekly class is designed to enhance your child's ability to problem solve and engage in team work while developing language, cognitive, fine motor and social skills.

Tuesday Options

Science Experiments

This program is for budding scientists who enjoy exploring the many different aspects of science in a fun, hands-on atmosphere with friends. Children will learn about topics such as alkaline and acid, light and shadows, simple chemistry, states of matter, and properties of electricity, magnets and much more.


Cuisine and Culture Around the World

Children enrolled in this class will have fun exploring their way around the globe. In addition to learning and making different kinds of food, children will complete art projects, read stories, learn different cultural customs and practice table manners from around the world.

Wednesday Options

Art Exploration

In this weekly class, children will have the opportunity to investigate materials and media through process-based activities. Children will create their own, unique artwork using paint and watercolor, drawing implements, primary and secondary colors, sensory materials like play dough and gak while also discovering three dimensional shapes and their attributes.


Games of All Kinds

The children in this class will have fun playing indoor and outdoor games including, board games, movement games, card games and organized activities that practice turn taking, collaborative play and following directions. There will be an emphasis on encouraging the development of sportsmanship and team building skills.

Thursday Options

Into the Woods

Each week this class will explore different themes that will connect your children with nature on our beautiful grounds. The children will learn about and explore a range of topics including, animals and animal habitats, native plants and trees, gardening, the seasons, art in nature, conservation and eco-friendly practices.


Plan-Do-Review: Focus on Intentional and Sustained Play

This play-based program helps 3s-K age children focus on the task at hand and extend their attention span. Activities target related skills such as paying attention to visual and auditory detail, expanding time on task, listening, following directions, increasing narrative skills, improving organizational skills, setting goals with follow through and sequencing. For more information about this class, please contact Rene Hackney (no drop-in option available).

Friday Options

Story Stretchers

Each week children come together for a special story time during which they will use stories as a backdrop for learning through literature. Activities will include acting out stories with puppets and dramatic play, recreating recipes, making art work inspired by the illustrator and building related settings.


Cooperative Play

This group is a fun, play-based class to introduce and review a wide range of social skills including entering on-going play, carrying conversations, negotiating and better managing competition and teasing. Children will practice narrative skills, listening, following directions, goal setting and self evaluation. Each class varies with puppet shows, role plays, movement games, art projects, story times, group and individual challenges. For more information about this class, please contact Rene Hackney (no drop-in option available).

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